24 August 2008

Random Links

Crayola online coloring.

Can you guess the 100 most-used English words? (I got 48.)

I haven't really been following Olympics, but here's a cool story about a South African swimmer who had her leg amputated.

A FABULOUS personal essay about a missionary named Stephen.

I remember loving Little House on the Prairie. And now it's a musical.

Did you hear about the unabomber being upset about his house being on display? That's especially interesting to me after my deviance class where we discussed prisoner rights.

I really liked this article about internet use.

Here's the report on Marie's trip to America, with a picture of my parents and the windows in our house included.

I wish the guy I had a date with while I was in Utah would email me. He would love this article about how cursive is dead (we had an extensive conversation about it). I've given out my email address to many people I connected well with in my travels recently, but no one has emailed me. I wonder if they think I'm one of those crazies who goes around being everyone's friend. Who knows? In the meantime, I'm still waiting for an email from the organ player and the literature major who works at the rock climbing place in Ahlen.

Here are some interesting remarks about the recent change in talks in sacrament meeting. I was also a bit confused and I still follow along. Of course, I won't be asking anyone to do so anymore.

Bigfoot is dead. Don't ask, just read.

Musings about Eve. (You know, Adam's wife.)

I LOVE this piece about an early, feisty Alabaman Mormon. And how cool is it to have "John the Baptist Gayler" as your name?

After reading that the John Hay library has three books bound in human skin, I looked up some more info. Pictures included. And yes, I can see the face. Can you? I wonder if it's the proportions of a human face.

And, how salt and pepper wound up together.

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