17 August 2008

Paderborn JAE Tagung 2008 Photos

Inka and I in the train.

This is Gordon, Kenneth, and Jessi at breakfast making plans for what to do that day. There were so many options and so little time!

Jessi's cousin Evy totally reminds me of Sica. She is easygoing and happy, and a physical therapist.

This is at the lake for water skiing.

Me in Neoprene. Cute.

Can you see the cables in the air that drag along the water skiers?

Pretty nature in Germany.

Marcel out to support the team, even with his sore throat.

Aaron reluctantly trying out my bee glasses.

I just had to post this. During game night, we went out on the field were we had to run from activity to activity, and we ran up to the fire only to find out it was a group of Muslim women who weren't from our group. Whoops. The apartments next to the cafeteria and the castle are completely full of Turkish families, so they must have needed a night out.

My safety climbing partner. She was really scared but she made it. This one kid kept taking pictures of me from below. I hope he sends those pictures. They'll be a lot better than this.

Somehow the same kid (using my camera this time) forgot to take a picture once I'd moved UP the board. Oh well. It was still cool.

I normally wouldn't show you a picture of someone who showed me up (good job David, now if only I had your metabolism), but I wanted you to see some of the things we did that are in the background.

This is the group of us who went climbing and were patient enough to take pictures before eating food. Oh wait. The cafeteria ran out.

Here I am laughing after I tried to get the bell to ring. Yeah right. I think I reached 40.

This girl really wanted to do sumo wrestling. I told her to wait in line while I danced, but the dance was over before we got to the front. Lucky for her. See how my arm, not to mention my body, is double the size of hers?

This is the Castle Eringerfeld in between the convention buildings, built in the 1600s.

This is a cool door at the castle.

Aaron showing his DDR pride with his 99 cent jacket.

Me looking scared, maybe because Jessi is showing more skin than she ever has in her life. Just kidding, Jessi. (Wir mussen jetzt beten! Just kidding again.)

Jessi singing in the choir. This was a film but somehow it didn't work out.


  1. Sorry, that's "Paderborn [a city] YSA convention 2008," a weeklong party for young single adults. :)