22 August 2008

My Underwear in Other People's Rooms (It's Not What You Think)

This story has to start at the end. I can't remember the term for that. I should really know. (It's not in medias res, what is it!?)

Last week, I opened my out-of-town roommate's door and found my underwear on a bag near the wall.

That day, after I'd showered, I wanted to get dressed, but I couldn't find my underwear. I specifically remembered grabbing a clean pair to add to my pile of clothes to bring to the bathroom with me, but alas they were not to be found, so I hurried to my room in a towel and dressed using another pair. However, it kept bugging me. Where had my underwear gone? I looked around and suddenly I remembered something.

My roommates constantly leave their alarms set when they are not in town, meaning those of us still at home get to hear radios or beeping blasting from behind someone's door. Normally, I would never go into a roommate's room, especially when they're not there, but this is an exceptional situation, as you can see.

One roommate's alarm went off last week, so I went in and turned it off. The next day, it went off again as I was walking to the bathroom to shower, clothes in hand. I was so confused as to why it would go off again, so I walked in and looked over the clock. It turns out it had a second backup alarm which I had not switched off. During this time I must have dropped the underwear. I'm so glad I remembered that I had gone in there. What might have happened? Ha ha.

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