17 August 2004


(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Monday, August 16th: We awoke at six and had breakfast. Ursula bought me hot chocolate mix. When she and I got into the car, Peter ran around looking for his keys. Then Ursula was telling me about him always losing his keys, and she tahem in the ignition. I helped carry the bread into the school and then Peter took me to the station. May I say again that I love the three kiss thing?

I got an earlier train, but in Zurich I still had to wait for the later one to go to Bad Ragaz. When I gto there, I foudn out Heidiland was all in Maienland unless I wanted to climb a mountain. So I got on the next train to Maienland and there I walked through a quaint old town up a giant hill in the hot sun until I finally got to the Heidihaus, the same time as a huge group of Chinese tourists. I bought a museum ticket and a swiss wallet that I thought would be perfect just for cards (when I tried it later in the train, the cards didn't fit past the zipper! Bah!) Heidihaus was cool and had agreat view. Wow, my ancestors lived like that! Coming down was much faster and easier. I saw more lizards. I wanted to buy some bread at the bakery, but everything closes for 2 hours for lunch! I made it to the train and to Chur. There I asked a lady about the mountain tram, but there was only a train that went in the mountains. I took the Arosa train. Wow! We were so high in the alps and I loved the old hourses in the middle of remote, shining green fields. Then I came right back and kept falling asleep. In Chur, I got on the wrong train, so I figured I'd just go back the shorter way and not see the prettier, longer, alp-ier way unless I wanted to get back at 11.

I read lots of chapters of Da Vinci Code. I'm starting to like it. The postauto was fine - even though I couldn't see out the window very well, I figured out where to aussteigen, no, get off. Have you noticed my English is going down the drain, not to mention I have so much to type I don't correct all of my mistakes.

Peter and Ursula were just having dinner - spaghetti. Mmm. Then we sat by the fire and had tea. Peter told me about his uncle who collected fossilbs. He brought up a huge box of them as well as a nasty collection of beetles, one as big as my fist. They made me choose a fossil to take home. I finally decided on one that had been a curled up animal like a potato bug!

Then Peter and I looked at trains I could take in the middle of the night to reach Hamburg and found out about the airport express bus. I typed in my blog and sent pics for so long. I through Peter had gone too bed, but he came down and I realized he need the computer! I felt so bad. Then he hooked up another computer and used that. I saved his filed onto a disk.

He gave me some stuff about St. Gallen. Some dead sea scrolls used to be at the old library, but now it has other famous stuff.

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