30 June 2008

Weekly List of Links

Watch out. I read a lot of good stuff this week.

Boy's Party Invitations Confiscated Because of Discrimination--how many billions of children have done exactly what this kid did? And don't you love the British things like "fallen out" and "post"? Do you think he'll still have the party even though the verdict will likely occur before the next school year?

Health Care in China Makes US Look Not So Bad

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft
--this makes me think of a kid I went to school with who always kept track of how much Bill Gates was worth. Wow, in writing that sentence, I realized his name has become a trademark. I tried to put "Bill," but that was just weird, so I tried "Gates," and that didn't work either. Bill Gates.

North Korea No Longer Terrorists?
I think I must have a weird view about the whole nuclear weapons thing. Maybe I'm too lax, but why don't we just let everyone kill everyone and then we can all be happy spreading the gospel in the afterlife? Okay, no, I see why it's important to ensure people's lives are better, but there is freedom of choice.

Albanian Family Man Women Those crazy Albanians.

Calcium and Alzheimer's Is "imbalance" too much or too little?

Woman at the Well on a Wonderful Blog
This makes me think of Sunday's lesson. After the "Spiritual Checklist" of Alma's rhetorical questions (Alma 5), in Alma 6:6 the people gather together often to fast and pray "in behalf of the welfare of those souls who knew not God." First focus on yourself so that you can focus on others.

Relevance of Hypocrisy
This is exactly what I thought when people complained to me about Al Gore. Dude, we're all hypocrites. That doesn't mean that our good causes are any less worthy of attention.

Discovered Photojournalism Blog

Michelangelo and Mormonism

Vote for Beautiful Objects to Represent Our Time

Bob Being Punny

iPhone Stats

Johanna Tippett Porter: an Early Dedicated Mormon

Graffiti in Berlin

Darwin Turning in His Grave It's too bad that a lot of people ignore that Darwin used his ideas to prove God's existence. That's how I see nature and science as well.
Fem Utah

Yoga in the Olympics

And, last but not least: Poetry as Punishment (!) I'm just sure these dudes are going to somehow end up loving poetry. Not. I would think it ridiculous and my skepticism would keep me from learning anything.

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  1. Michelle, thanks for this and your earlier links -- I'm really pleased that you are finding posts you like at Keepapitchinin well enough to recommend like this.