11 July 2008

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I really like this Mormon blog focused on simple doctrines, called Fireside (even though they have spelling issues, they are very sincere).

Jews Believing in Christ's Coming in B.C. Years (Mormons believe this)

Evolution of Worldwide English

I knew there was a reason mosquitoes love me. It's carbon dioxide and lactic acid levels which vary between people. Click here.

4-day work weeks for Utah government employees? I've heard of some people who had jobs like this. They actually quite liked it. One guy in this article talks about how he's looking forward to getting more things on his "honey-do" list done, but I know from experience that once you have more time, you find other things to fill it with. Anyway, it seems weird that they're not going to be rotating which day is off in the week. That's going to be annoying to have offices closed on Fridays, although it's nowhere near the horrible office hours in Germany.

Donkey basketball? Leave it to the animal rights people to fight against it. Can you imagine having a press conference about it and having a serious face?

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