10 July 2008

It's a Hard Knock Life

So what if I never knew that the words weren't "It's a hard enough life for us" until last week? What does "hard knock" mean anyway?

It's like Ellen DeGeneres's stand up comedy about singing the wrong lyrics. If I remember correctly, she said, "Why was I singing 'monkey hatchet'?"

This isn't the first time I've butchered lyrics. You know that Lifehouse song that was popular in 2000/2001? "Hanging by a Moment"? I thought he said "I'm running in a graduated globe" instead of "I'm running and I don't know where to go." It might have something to do with the fact that I was taking chemistry at the time. Not sure.

Going even further back to when I was in primary, I thought there was a long Spanish word in "As I Have Loved You." Instead of "by this shall men know," I heard and sung, "bythishallmeno." Alas, we can't all learn song lyrics correctly without reading the words.


  1. It's not "hard knock!!" Are you sure? Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I love them and I'm glad you discovered it!

  2. I think so. I typed it into YouTube to get the song, and that's what came up.