25 June 2008

Studying, Bread, Euro 2008

I spent the whole day studying. I'm getting really excited to write this paper (it could be a book really), but I realize I have a ton more research to do than I thought. And that's just one paper. At least one of the books I need is in the library, but I can't take it out. I think I'll spend a couple of hours there tomorrow.

Oh, and I made some bread. I like playing around with the recipe. Half of what I made today I turned into cinnamon raisin bread.

The dough was too sticky to roll the raisins in, so I did layers, as you can see.

The weather was weird today. At about 11:30 it got suddenly darker than 9 PM, then it rained and lightninged and blew like crazy for about an hour. Then it was sunny again. I was glad that I had decided not to go anywhere. (When I went jogging this morning it was sunny.) I took this video after it had lightened up some but it was still raining. (You know that you've had a very monotonous day when you start talking about the weather.)

There's a game on right now: Germany vs. Turkey. That's big time. That's like America playing Mexico in football. Although that sounds weird. Baseball? Still weird? How about we just say that if Mexico beat America in all Olympic events, people would be upset. We're in the thirty-sixth minute with 1 to 1.

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  1. The raisin bread reminds me of a smiley face. It makes me happy.