04 May 2008

Family History, We Can't Do It, My Family History

Have you read about the Catholic Church not letting Mormons have access to records anymore? (If not, click here.)

I think it's preposterous.

1. It's discrimination.
2. It's like when Holocaust descendants got upset--if they don't believe, why does it matter that these names are having work done for them?
3. Besides believing these ordinances need to be done, Mormons also believe that these people still have freedom of choice and can deny the ordinances if they want to.
4. Genealogy is good for connecting the whole world. Who wants to stop that?
5. What good is it having those records rotting there anyway? The Church offers free digitalization.
6. Didn't Church leaders just meet up with the Pope? That's not a very nice way to act. Some of my respect for things the Pope has said has dwindled.

"He also said the Catholic Church will continue to reach out to the Mormons and carry on the efforts of understanding that have already begun." Is that a beginning, or an end?

Oh well. Luckily, Mormons also believe that all the ordinances and families will be worked out in the Millennium.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree. This arguement is not upon theological differences. If they truly knew the nature of baptism by proxy they would realize and respect free will. They use absolutely no logic in removing access to their records. And what gives a person entitlement to their records. . . being catholic? What kind of relations are they truly trying to create?