27 April 2008

Museum Night

Yesterday was the coolest city activity I have yet done in Leipzig. Once per year, they have Museum Night, where all the museums are open until midnight, and buses drive special routes to take people directly there. I paid 5 Euros and saw 8 museums, which, as a museum lover, was fabulous. I was reminded of the infamous Utah bicentennial trip because we picked up stickers for our museum book everywhere we went. Although we didn't make it to all of them, we have the rest of the year to collect these stickers (although we now have to pay for each individual museum). If I fill up my book, then next year I can bring ten friends to Museum Night for free. So, book those tickets, people! Plus, the weather was prima. The sun decided to come out and Jenny burnt her arm already (yes, that was singular).

This is Jenny, Petula, and I in front of a big old tower that has a panorama of Rome inside.

This is Seppl and I with Rome in the background. Check that off my list of places to visit, ha ha. Petula (in the background) is trying to decide which temple the cat is sitting in front of. I think this was right after I said that I wish they would do a panorama for Jerusalem and a few minutes before I discovered a book of panoramas, including Jerusalem at Christ's crucifixion.

Although a lot of the museums we went into were repeats for me, I still enjoyed them. Added to my list were the Egyptian Museum, the Panorama of Rome, the old . . . (what is it called in English?!!) city building, and my all-time favorite, the museum of visual arts which had a level that must have been created with me in mind. (They had some awesome Monet, Beckmann, Liebermann, Ebersbach, Kuehl, Eille, etc.) People from Leipzig also were given the chance to display private collections. One lady had frogs, one guy had painted eggs, another had medicine boxes . . .

I don't know if Salt Lake has something like this that I just don't know about or if it doesn't exist, but they should think about it. My favorite thing about the whole affair was that now I have a booklet of all the cool places in Leipzig.

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  1. Does Jenny only have one arm? That's so cool to have a one-armed friend.

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