28 November 2007

Losing Things

I am really good at losing things. After losing a glove one day after buying a pair, forgetting a new glove in the office, leaving my passport at the bank, wearing mismatched socks because I lost one of each pair, forgetting my scarf only to discover it was actually in my bag, wondering where my scarf went after I took it out of my bag and looking back to see it on the sidewalk, and dropping a glove somewhere on the way home from choir practice, I have come to this conclusion. Luckily only one of these episodes ended up unsatisfactorily (the first missing glove never returned), and I have two things to brag about:

First, when I went to get my passport from the bank today, the lady felt so bad about not giving it back to me that she gave me a really nice letter opener. Never mind that I've always thought those were rather pointless. No pun intended.

Second, the last time I dropped a glove, I got to be an amused spectator while my friend used some random stranger's bike to go back and look for the glove.

1 comment:

  1. I just found your blog! It's great! I am a girl from Seattle who a few years ago married a German boy from Leipzig - who then moved to Seattle. I was curious if an American living in Leipzig was blogging about it, since I might end up there one day. Searched on Google and found your site. Again, very nice.

    Oh, and I lose something daily. I never actually thought about being good at it. Hum....