27 November 2007


I read about how a lab tested 80,000 chemicals on worms that usually live 30 days and I thought, "Protest! Animal abuse!" No, really, I thought, "Wow, that's interesting," because

1. Some antidepressant drug made them live 30% longer.

2. The drug affects a chemistry in their brains which makes them feel like they're starving. (How scientists know these things, I will never know.) This sentence made me laugh: "That's important because scientists have known for a long time that worms that really are starved live longer."

How would you like that, living tons longer but starving all the time? How would you like being a worm, period? What those poor little guys go through so we can avoid our Judgment Day a little longer. (Shaking my head.)

What would make this study even cooler would be if they had done it in Worms, Germany.

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