07 November 2007


A new link has been added to my links. This post is to tell you about it. We are starting an American Studies journal called as/peers. (There's really supposed to be one of those vertical lines in between "as" and "peers" but my Mac is unable to do that.) Sure, there are lots of American Studies journals already, but ours is especially cool because it's a place for European American Studies graduate student perspectives to be published. We want it to be legitimate but artsier than usual (not boring). The deadline for the first edition's submissions is coming quickly. One section is open to all, please refer to the under-construction site, where all the basic info is included: www.aspeers.com.

I love being able to work with my peers to make this dream a reality. I've been studying layout, publication, and ISBN/ISSN options. Each of us has a unique way of looking at things which makes decisions take longer, but the end result is better.

Here we are trying to decide on layout in one of our two main fishbowl-style classrooms. Notice that I asked people to bring food, which they did: hummus and pita bread, chocolate, gummies, lebkuchen . . . mmmm.


  1. you just became 6 degrees cooler because Amy Lawson tagged you on her blog.

  2. Also, I checked out as/peers.
    Looks cool. I'd submit if I met any of the requirements.