07 November 2007

Blog Deprivation As Motivation

I'm sure there's been a noticeable decline in hits on the Germany section of Amy Lawson's Google Analytics in the last week. I've been dying to check it as it is my favorite blog and I like to read it every day as soon as I fall down the ladder of my bed. I've even given in to looking at how many new articles are listed next to the link on Google Reader. Sorry, Amy. I really do love your blog. But I've got to motivate myself to do homework somehow. Take a look at this:

That is my desk, covered with books and papers and notes and other junk. If you zoom in, you can see my to do list sitting there, with my planner next to it (yes, it's a missionary planner good for one transfer--I'm stretching it to two). That is one intense to do list. Some of the things are recurring like, "Sparkasse/money" really means, "Walk to Deutsche Bank in the city center and withdraw the most the ATM will let you every day until you have enough to have a Sparkasse account full enough to get a student visa."

Sorry Amy! The next few days are looking better. Once I catch up on some homework, I'll be back! To make up for it, here are some more views for you. Everybody, click on the link below! Enjoy it like you enjoy a piece of chocolate in front of someone on a diet!


1 comment:

  1. Oh...I'm so sad. But I understand. I like your desk, it makes me feel at home.

    I tagged you on my blog today (before I read this post), so when you clean that desk off, go look!