06 October 2007

Online Translation

You've gotta love online translation! It's almost like Engrish.com. Guck mal:

Hello me yard!

Mia zywietz has leave behind a new message on your pi wall! To read around it you can log on here and can click then on "my side" :


Much joke! Your Studiverzeichnis team


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for checking out my blog--it's always fun to meet new people.

    So, I'm curious since I don't know you and am a little confused by your recent entries--and I don't have time to read through ALL the archives (although I'd like to). Are you in Germany for school and you were called on a mission while there?

    What are/were you studying? You can comment back or email me at doriselaine at gmail dot com.

    Nice to meet you!