04 October 2007

I Want To Be A Missionary Now

Missionary work is awesome. When Sister Gordon told me that it was a roller coaster, she wasn't kidding. After being super-excited to finally get out and share the gospel after P-day, I discovered that it's scary! I found that my heart completely stopped every time I approached someone. Sometimes when your heart stops, your tongue does too and you end up fumbling for words. However, the Lord helped me so much. I've never seen so many witnesses of the gifts of tongues and of interpretation. Since missions are all about people, there are so many interesting stories. Here are a few things I will never forget:

-Seeing Sister Gordon go down on one knee only to realize that she slipped on a banana peel.
-Seeing Sister Gordon laugh/cry after an acorn fell out of the sky and hit her.
-Seeing something green come out of the mouth of the mostly deaf and mostly blind 94-year-old man I contacted on the sidewalk.
-Talking to a pastor's daughter who wanted to fight about knowing things are true through feelings.
-Listening to a dude with Einstein-like hair who is a big fan of physics go on and on about how he wants to visit America as he spit all over us.
-Being able to speak to people and understand them.
-Being able to read and understand huge sections of the Book of Mormon in German without using a word dictionary once.
-Turning to Sister Howard to murmur one word: "Help."
-Laughing, although disappointed, when people walking toward us saw our nametags and turned to walk in the street instead in order to avoid us.
-Wearing a tag that helped me remember the name of the church in German, and being reminded by the tag that I am a representative of Christ.
-Watching a new member learn about clean language.
-Testifying about Gospel truths to those who actually stop to listen.
-Hearing a kid on the street say that he was just talking to his friend about the same thing for over an hour.
-Watching the same new member find random things on the street and take them home.
-Eating chocolate. All the time.
-Doing Sport in the morning under Sister Schwabe's watchful eye. (Don't forget the bagpipes background music.)
-Having people ask me if I was from Great Britain.
-Talking to every single person who passed the bench in the park.
-Hearing people say that they don't want to think about God because it's a holiday.
-Getting rejected so many times in a row that you can't talk to people for a while.
-Feeling guilty when I missed an opportunity to talk to someone.
-Feeling satisfied at the end of the day when I knew I did all I could to tell people about the Lord.

I'm so glad I went. I learned so much about strength and blessings and examples and the Spirit. I hope I can be better at being a member missionary.

I know that there is a purpose in life.
I know that God loves us.
I know that the Book of Mormon is a true testament of Jesus Christ.
I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet who restored Christ's church through the power of God.
I know that through prayer we can find answers to our questions.
I know that Christ died that we may repent and return to live with our father.

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