01 October 2007

Called To Serve in Dahlem

I received my mission call last night shortly after a musical fireside given by this amazing German choir. My assignment is in Dahlem, an area of Berlin that supposedly is really awesome because they have real houses and families instead of just apartments. I'm working with Sister Howard from Wyoming, Sister Gordon from Layton, and Sister Schwabe from Hannover. This morning we did some exercise, studied alone, and then had companionship study. We practiced giving the first lesson and asking for a commitment. It took me forever, but I did it (even without the appropriate vocabulary). Today is P-Day, but I am so stoked to start sharing the Gospel. It's freaky, though. I know how to start, but people walk away so fast that I get tongue-tied before I can even get some kind of truth into their heads . . .

The gospel is true though, so that's why I'm here!

This mission wouldn't be possible without the prayers of so many which inspire people to help me. After all, I only had one skirt and not much of anything else. Thanks to Sebastian for the backpack and ticket, thanks to Geeta for the skirts and jacket, thanks to Kimberly for the slip so I could wear my other skirt, thanks to Sister Ellsworth for the nylons.

I'll have to post a photo later as I've forgotten my camera cable.

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