08 October 2007


I bought a handy today. Let me clarify. I bought a cell phone, called a "handy" by Germany. Yes, it's an American word. Although I have it, I am firm about this: I am not paying for minutes on it. The most I will ever pay is the amount I paid today, 15 Euros. I bought it merely so I can be reached if anyone has the desire or minutes to do so. (Yep, probably only the missionaries will be calling me, but that's good.) Yep, that's me being a cheapskate. I'm already twenty bucks over budget this month and after tomorrow I won't have any food left. I am also being stubborn about buying the sofa that's in my room. (Secretly I'm hoping she'll finally say, "Well, I really don't want to pay to rent a car to come get it, so you can just keep it." But if not, I don't mind sitting on the floor.)


  1. ummmm...can you clarify for me the exact number i would need to text you? and how much would that cost me?

  2. Clarification: After some research, here is what I can tell you:

    Text or call 011491636795605.

    My friend in Boston who comes from Finland told me that he texts his friends for about 15 cents.