05 October 2007

Bureaucracy, Schmureaucracy

During the past few weeks, I've dealt with enough bureaucracy for a lifetime. Those who say that people waited in line all day during the DDR don't know that people do that today, too. They're called international students. Most of it is done with (never mind, I've still got the visa to do), but I still have no clue after many emails, online chat help, a lot of bank visits, translations of seven letters I've received, and a lot of internet research, how to transfer my money from my American bank to my German account. The transfer numbers just don't match up between continents!

If something doesn't work out soon, I'm going to have to figure out how to survive here for two years on a grand total of

2 Euros and 98 cents

Luckily, I think that's enough to get not just one, but two jars of Nutella.

I just found six more cents for a grand total of

3 Euros and 4 cents.

Luckily, that is still enough for two jars of Nutella.


  1. Oh wow, Michelle!! I'm sorry you've had to deal with ridiculous bureaucracy! Eee. How do the missionaries do it?

  2. Lucky missionaries! The mission office does it. I should have had them do it while I was a mini-missionary.

  3. Wow. That's not fun. Is there an office on your U.S. campus that could help you out? With all this studying abroad, there should be an office somewhere that specializes in assisting students in this transition.

  4. Busy little bee: unfortunately, Leipzig is my home campus. They just don't know how to welcome international students very well. Maybe I'll work for them some day and I'll whip them into shape!