05 October 2007

Erntedankfest: Thanksgiving?

I don't know the whole story, but apparently the two wards in Leipzig get together to have an Erntedankfest each year. It's comparable to Thanksgiving. Tonight was the night and I ended up selling fruit and vegetables for a ward fund raiser for a short time. The conversations went something like this:

Me: Hallo (Hello)
Them: Schmenna wenna kenna blenna
Me: Okay (really having no idea what they just said in the noisy room)
Them: Mleh bleh kleh tleh (pointing at something)
Me: Wieviel? (How many?)
Them: Placka wacka cacka
Me: Okay (filling a bag until they nodded or gave some signal)
Them: Wieviel? (How much does it cost?)
Me: Meh . . . Neh . . . Ugh . . . wiviel sie wollen (how much you want)

It wasn't the prettiest of sites, but I ended up talking to a lot of cool people. Also, I got my friend Frank to come with me. He was so amazed that a few weeks ago he knew nothing about Mormons and tonight he saw a whole mob of them. He was impressed with Sister Alexander's story of joining the Church. He said he thought people were talked into being Mormon and she told him it was up to them. We ate a lot of brownies, bread, apple pie, and pumpkin soup. (That's the third time I've had pumpkin soup since I've been here. Awesome!)


  1. That's a great story. And yes, pumpkin soup is the most delicious soup in the whole world! I make it at least once every autumn. :)

  2. Happy Erntedankfest! Let me know if they have that yummy cranberry sauce that you get from the can. Mmmmm, canned cranberry sauce. ;)