10 October 2007

Apple Creation

I don't know how I made it or what it is, but it tastes good. I cut up an apple (from a lady in my ward) into thin slices, poured in a bit of flour, a bit of sugar, a bit of cinnamon, and enough condensed milk to almost cover the apples. Then I cooked it on the stove until it was thick and ate it, all of this immediately after burning several potatoes (I ate the rest) and enjoying the sound of someone apparently trying to drill through my wall.

And that guy I talked to today couldn't believe it's possible to eat off of 10 Euros a week.


  1. Michelle! It's like you're living with the Irish during the potato famine! But I guess pie filling, potatoes, nutella, and the ocassional kroener(sp?)will keep you alive. As long as you like it, three cheers for Michelle's diet! :)

  2. wow, that apple creation sounds pretty good! i guess you're not having a hard time making too much of anything! :D

  3. Hey Michelle, I think Friday might actually work for me. I am working that day, butif it's somewhere close to Karl-Heine or the city center then I could probably join you.