04 October 2007

American Studies Leipzig!

I am a matriculated student at the University of Leipzig. Yay! Today I met my fellow students (no, I'm not the only American) and my professors (yes, one of them has interviewed Toni Morrison--twice). I am so pumped to start classes Monday. I can't wait to have a lot of reading assignments and to write a thesis!

If anyone's been wondering what to get me for Christmas, here's your answer. Find it in size small at asl.spreadshirt.de. One of the other Master's students works for this company. I don't really need it. I have enough jackets already. Now if they'd just come.


  1. What are you studying in Leipzig? What is your thesis topic? I'm super curious! :) I'm working on getting all of my certifications so I can teach English abroad, and I just may do another MA abroad, too. Reading your blog makes me want to jump on a plane every day!

  2. I am studying American Literature. Thesis topic: not sure yet. Maybe something having to do with feminist contemporary lit?