27 September 2007

Mrs. Hippie

You may wonder why I have the back of a woman in her birthday suit on my blog. Well, let me tell you. Today I discovered Mrs. Hippie. The sister missionaries told me that it was a good used clothing store, but I'd rather refer to it as a cultural experience. Mrs. Hippie didn't have the prices I had hoped for, but they had everything else, from army boots and Indian-looking purses to flow-y skirts and corduroy. Even the music and lighting were perfectly fitting for the hippie theme. Now let this entice you: anyone who comes to visit me will get to go with a free tour guide (me) to see the specials of Mrs. Hippie. (Forget all those famous musicians from Leipzig!)

1 comment:

  1. What an imaginative enticement! I wish. Who knows? I love how you have such interesting experiences everyday.