26 September 2007

Könneritzstraße 34

Where do I even start? I am in my apartment and so happy to be here! Never mind the fact that I don't have anything. It took me all of five minutes to take my Book of Mormon, a few novels, my German dictionary, my laptop, my blanket, and a loaf of bread out of my bag. Okay, so I really do have more than that in Germany. I have a carry-on that Sister Weber is going to bring tonight. Yes, I could have brought it myself, but she was very set on bringing it. I think she wants to see what else she can give me besides some sheets, a blanket, an alarm clock, and a towel. It's no wonder I love it here, what can I say?

Today, I got keys to my apartment, filled out my contract, figured out how to get the internet, and bought food for the next week (let's see if I can discipline myself not to eat like I usually do). Here are some pictures. Take into account the fact that the orange couch thingy is not here to stay. Same with the cacti, possibly the curtains, the lamps, the printer, the outlet extension cord, the stereo, and maybe the table. I have to buy the bed (even though it's built into the room).

That's my bed up there! I can paint the room any color I want. Suggestions? I've heard that sometimes they require that you paint it when you leave (no matter if it's white or not), so I may as well . . . Most likely I'll go the cheap way and not do anything.

This picture is looking down from my bed. That light is dusty! I've got to take care of that!

The gash on my leg has been giving me some trouble. I didn't realize how deep it really was. I'm going to go see what's in that first-aid cabinet in the bathroom . . .


  1. What a cozy spot for you! As far as painting, come on! You know you love to do that! Michemily would go great with the orange couchy thingy. So glad all is well, we were starting to worry. I love you.

  2. Tanya said something about the couch too. I really need to be more concise. The couch does not come with my apartment!

  3. I'd be nervous about putting anything labeled in German on a festering wound. You could easily mistake mentholatum for neosporin or ammonia for hydrogen peroxide. Especially if your sense of smell isn't too keen. Watch out!

  4. I'm so glad you've finally got a place to live! (I hope this posts... :D)

  5. Holy Moly! Be careful up there....that bed it high!