17 September 2007

Michelle and Rambo

Sometimes it's a bit frustrating having internet sites automatically switch over to European versions. Like with my online bank account, I couldn't log in and I was getting worried until I tried opening the page from an email they sent me.

Googling things here is funny. (Yes, "googlen" is a verb here, too.) I don't want the German answers, I have no idea what most of them mean. I wish there was a way to make it stay on the US version. Maybe there is. Paul?

All the blogging options have changed to German, so I just click on where I remember the old links to be. I have to try to remember to change the time I've posted because it's never right. I've also noticed that the search box on the posts page doesn't exist in the German version, so when I want to find one of my posts, I've got to do it the hard way. Isn't it funny the things that are different that you would never expect?

So far, the funniest thing I've found is this. I googled myself on the German version, and here's what I found: http://www.horsemusical.eu/Michelle%20Glauser.html. Look and laugh. In short, this article says:

"Michelle Glauser and Rambo: Michelle Glauser is our youngest star and eight years old. She lives in Kilchberg. Her pony Rambo is 13 years old and a Dutch riding pony. Rambo and Michelle have played together for a year. Through her Parelli-enthused/ obsessed mother [who knows who or what that is?] it was clear that Michelle and Rambo would learn from Berni Zambeil. Rambo didn't know the Parelli System before, but he learned it quickly with confidence. At the beginning he was shocked that his people suddenly understand horse language and they could communicate directly with him. With learning hours with Berni and much industrious training at home, the common game was much fun for both!"

So notice that we only learn a few things about Michelle and a lot of things about Rambo. What a duo!

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  1. I totally remember you wearing that skirt Michelle. It's a shame that you gave up all things horse-related after the accident. Or don't you remember?