20 September 2007

I Have a Place

I think, as of next Wednesday, I have a place. It is at

Könneritzstraße 34
04229 Leipzig, Deutschland

Send me cornbread! Okay, not really, but a letter or ten would be nice.

I like the place because it has one of the high beds (even though I have to pay for it), the window faces the back of the apartment house (so I see trees and hear silence instead of cars and trams going by), it's got all the supplies I need (including a bookshelf, desk, internet, and dishes), and it's in a great location. It is right in between church and school and along the line I need to get to the institute. (If I didn't take the Strassenbahn, it would only be a three-mile walk.) You can see the nearest park which is massive and green. Even downtown is really close. I will be paying the equivalent of 210 USD per month, a good deal. Pictures to follow.


  1. Könneritzstraße

    That is the craziest word I have EVER seen.

  2. Ha ha ha. I showed my friend Francy your comment and we both thought it was hilarious. Try "Sicherheitsmaßnahmen." No, no, the hardest is one I'm dealing with right now: "Immatrikulation." I'll teach you how to say it: IM-MAH-TRIK-OO-LA-TS-EE-OH-N

    And now, for where I live: KUH-NER-RITS-SHTRAH-SA