29 September 2007

Finding Fussball

I was supposed to meet Mike at the Hauptbahnhof this morning so he could show me how to get to the field where we play football. I waited and waited and put up with all the weird looks I got as I walked around in my blue snowflake pajama pants, my pink palm tree shirt, and an oversized coat I borrowed from the coat rack at my apartment. Finally I got on the train and decided to see if I could find it. I got off at the last stop and walked around a neighborhood, through muddy puddles, and by a creepy house in the woods. At last I turned around and offered up the simple, "Heavenly Father, please help me find it." I almost turned left to go back in the direction of the tram, but I saw a man with three dogs turning into what looked like the woods, so I followed and ran right into the field! Yay! Apparently many of them had looked for me and I had even passed two of them who were sitting at the bus stop (I recognized their pants--my umbrella was low, okay? And why didn't they stop me?). Anyway, we played in the rain and the mud and had a grand ole time. I was on Sebastian's, Sister Murphy's, and Sister Alexander's team. It was so funny when the sisters would get in a bad spot with a defender, Sebastian would yell, "Sista!"

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