21 August 2007

Step Up, High School Musical, and Medium Hair

I watched Step Up and High School Musical 2 with Sica last night. I would definitely suggest Step Up to anyone who hasn't seen it. High School Musical 2 wasn't as good as the first (not that I liked the first enough to watch it more than once), but I still hold a grudge against both of them because they don't claim that the school is in Utah. Lame-o. What makes New Mexico any more exciting? I don't get it. Anyway, I also think it's a shame that Gabriella cut her hair, it was much cuter long, and I don't remember who I had this conversation with, it must have been Tanya, but it's that length that's the stupid in-between length that isn't short or long and it usually means you're growing it out, so when people cut it to that length, I wonder what they were thinking.

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