11 July 2007

When Are You Leaving?

So, everyone wants a date.
"When will you be leaving again? Oh, you still haven't decided?"
are questions I hear several times per day. You'd think everyone wanted me to hurry and go or something. :)

I told my mom this morning that it's kind of hard to figure things out with our dial-up internet. I can't even imagine what it used to be like without the internet. She kindly dropped me off at the library, with the goal in mind of figuring out a date. I used up all my allotted time on the library's computers before I reported that the wireless wasn't working. They rebooted and now I'm on my own laptop.

Here's what I have so far:
-Leipzig does not offer a German program in September. Only August. So that would mean I'd leave August 3rd or so.
-Do I really need to take a German program? Or should I just go with what I have and grow from there on my own? This option would mean I wouldn't need to be there until the first week of October.
-There is a really cute, little city named Konstanz that offers a German program during September. It is a really good deal, and the city is beautiful. It is between two bodies of Swiss-blue water and on the border of Switzerland and Germany. The program is meant for students of the university there, so I'm waiting for a reply to my email about making an exception for me. This option would mean I leave the first week of September.

So there you go. I'm either leaving the first week of August, the first week of September, or the first week of October. I hope you're a bit more satisfied.

Here is the Google Earth image of Konstanz (Constance). Isn't it beautiful? That yellow line is the border of Germany and Switzerland. Konstanz is directly above the V-shaped part of the border.

As I told Scott's roommate Dan as we talked about Swiss pride last night, "People think I'm brave moving to Germany. I'm really moving there because I don't have the guts to move where I really want to be: Switzerland."

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