12 July 2007

Taking the Leap

I think that tomorrow I will be taking the leap: I will be purchasing a macbook. I've been thinking about it for some time now, but I've resisted because of my grudge against apple's cocky cutesy-ness and the lack of logic in dragging all your precious files into the garbage can to eject a USB drive. However, I just can't pass up the deal.

As a student, I'm getting an amazing deal on a less-heavy macbook with more memory than my old computer, a better operating system, a built-in video camera, a less-than-abnormally-wide screen, iPhoto, $199 towards a 30-GB iPod (the nano is free), a free printer (or $99 towards one), and a student office package. I may even go for the extended protection plan.

Now I just need to figure out how to transfer files. I have 3.22 GB in the folder I call, "My Folder," 2.91 GB in the "PHOTOS" folder, and 8.58 GB in my "iTunes" folder.

Oh, one more thing. I need someone to buy my old laptop. I just don't need such a big screen. I know my cousin prefers it for movie watching. It's been great for the short time I've had it. Anyone?

I hope you appreciate this post. The power went out while I was typing it, and although Blogger saved my draft automatically at 3:17, the power went out. With five minutes to start up, 2 minutes to connect to the internet, 5 minutes to open the web page, 5 minutes to log in, it took a while to get back. Then my toe bumped the new power switch. It is now 3:58. Enjoy.

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