10 July 2007

Little Help Here . . .

Somebody help me. I am just so stuck. Instead of making decisions, I waste my time reading, surfing the net, and looking at camping gear. Isn't it funny how different people deal with stress? I just sleep a lot and generally avoid doing anything about it. I know I should really be doing some research and option-weighing, but I'm not.

Neither school seems that set on having me, so it's all up to me. Pay the money (or spend a lot of time looking for funding) and get the cool city that may not have all the classes I want, or not pay any tuition to go to a less-cool city that has interesting classes galore that will last a year longer than the other school?

Also, how important is it that I attend that German class? I could just go later and pick it up as I go. What Annie Sonntag said yesterday is true, though. When you pay for things, you are more inclined to take them seriously (she was talking about fitness training).

Little help here . . .

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  1. Well, when you put it that way . . . I have no idea. I say go with the boring city that has interesting classes and cheap tuition . . .?