11 July 2007

An Insider's View Really Helps

So yesterday I joined a forum of LDS people and sent an email to two Germans, a guy and a gal, asking their opinion on where I should go. Here is my message:

Hey, I'm trying to decide between Leipzig and Heidelberg for grad school. Any advice?

1 year program
5000 Euro tuition
I've heard the city is nicer
It's closer to Frankfurt = more convenient travel
May be required to take a few classes I'm not as interested in

2 year program
No tuition
A variety of interesting classes
The city may not be as nice
The accent is harder for me to understand


Here are their replies, hilariously opposite:

Hi, although Leipzig is in (ex) east germany so i guess that environment is not as exciting, though from my point of view I prefer to learn what I am interested in + you save 5000Eur which can five you some exciting vacation.

i would go for heidelberg. you hear a lot of good things about the university. the city is one of the most beautiful ones in germany. leipzig is not very desirable in my opinion but that is biased because I can't even remember having been there. I think you might have more of an interesting social life being in heidelberg. hope this helps anna

Yesterday, I think I re-talked myself into Leipzig.

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