23 June 2007

Kings Peak, I mean, Grandeur Peak

So Tanya and I thought that we would be hiking Kings Peak with the Young Women today. It turned out to be Grandeur Peak, which made more sense, since we weren't going to be backpacking in. What made me laugh the most was that one of the ladies I talked to earlier this week said that I should bring a lot of treats and water and take a lot of breaks so that the altitude sickness wouldn't get to me (which made sense when I thought it was Kings Peak). When we got to the top, I said, "Tanya, this altitude is just killin' me!" (Sarcastically, of course.) The truth was that the only problems I had involved my knees (they don't like steep things) and my shoes (which I've had for forever but just never seem to want to give me a break despite bandaids, thick socks, jogging, walking, and trekking for several years—who thinks I can break in a new pair in two days? Maybe I'll hike in Tevas.) The view of the Salt Lake Valley was amazing. We spotted several landmarks and enjoyed the nice breeze and sunshine.

Even though I doubted that all the tiny, cutesy girls could hack it, hack it they did, with only the slightest bit of complaining. We had a lot of good conversation on the trail, as we met lizards, a smashed but giant spider (the biggest I've ever seen, and the sight of which made Tanya jump back into my arms), and even a rattlesnake (the first I've ever seen, quite fascinating). Susan took us for tangerine lime slurpees afterwards, and to top it all off, Tanya finally got to see Emperor's New Groove, a classic in my opinion. Now I can quote to her and she'll know to what I'm referring!

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