25 May 2007

Concerto Night #7

Last night marked the seventh year I have attended Olympus High School's concerto night. (Thanks to Lindsey Wright for alerting me to my favorite annual event!) The three-hour extraordinaire is worth every penny (four dollars per year equals a grand total of twenty-eight dollars). As every year, the music was phenomenal! I gained a better appreciation for Camille Saint-Saens, although I still shy away from saying the name out loud (French scares me with its wasted letters).

The most surprising was seeing the name "Albinoni" for the first time and wondering who in the world with such a name had written Baroque-ish music (not my favorite). Lindsey thought she had heard that he just found unclaimed Baroque music and put his name to it, but I looked on wikipedia, and he is definitely a Baroque era, Italian musician.

We were also pleased to hear some of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Tschaikowsky's Concerto No. 1 for Piano in b-flat minor, Op. 23.

As usual, the piano and cello soloists were my favorites. I thanked Jack Ashton for seven years.

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