29 March 2005

Swiss Mister Meets Wannabe Swiss Miss

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Today I was underlining words in my German book like a madman because my class was at 9:10 and I hadn't translated the whole story yet. (I would have to hide my face in shame if you saw my underlining.) All of a sudden, a voice said, "Was liesst du?" Whoa. I almost jumped. That means, "What are you reading?" I turned to the first page and showed the dude behind me what I was reading. The rest of the bus trip I did not get any homework done, because we were excited to speak German to each other. The coolest thing is, I understood everything he said. He is from Switzerland and went on a mission to Hamburg (near the place where I study) and we talked all about German and Switzerland and our families and I tried to throw in one of those disclaimers about my German being "not so good," but he shook his head and said it was fine. (Yeah right, they all say that.) Anyway, we got off at the same stop and I wanted to talk some more, but I didn't know what I should say, so I just went into the computer lab and we said goodbye. Then I started to look up all of my German words with ten minutes to go, and I checked my email. Class was cancelled! Lucky me! Right after that, Jubi (that's the Swiss guy's name) came back in and handed me a paper with his email address, name, and phone number! Sweet! I really hope I get to talk to him some more.

Last night, T* gave me a ride home from work. That was so nice of him. I can't believe he went all that way through lame traffic to get me home, only to turn around and go back through it again. I really enjoy talking to him. We can be really open with each other (well, not about everything . . . yet, if you know what I mean, Tanwon). I wonder if he's like that with everyone. I don't know. He called me later and asked me out to dinner on Thursday. Sweet.

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