27 March 2005

Happy Easter: Anti-Social Week

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

So, I dubbed this week "Anti-Social Week." Did it work? No. I tried so hard not to hang out, but I got through five days! Whoo! I was hoping to discover if not hanging out improves school work. I did get more done, but most of the time I just did something else instead. I'm going to write an article about it. The sad thing is, I had it all in my head, but I didn't write it down soon enough. I hate when that happens.

Yesterday I was dying because I felt like I was going to explode! I felt like there was no way I could continue hanging out with this kid that I have a crush on, because it's not going to go anywhere and for some reason everything he does seems amazing. Well, I made it through the day, but that creeper guy came into the library again, and I ran smack into him! I was taking the patron count and I came out of one of the aisles, and we even did the thing where you step side to side. I acted like I was busy looking at the counters and said, "Excuse me" without ever looking at him. I didn't see him again after that, so I think he left after seeing me.

So the Ute game on Friday was pretty sad. I can't say that Kentucky played really well. I don't think they deserve any credit. I think that the Utes just CHOKED. Our shooting was awful. Bogut couldn't even make his lay-ups. Next year will be 30 years since the Utes have beaten Kentucky. Lame-o.

Last night T* was giving me a ride home and he went home to change first and then I gave in and played some fussball, but I didn't win before we had to leave. He heard me talking to A* and S* about hanging out with a lot of guys and he was one of them, so I felt badly. The impression I'm trying to give is not working very well. PLUS, I left a "surprise" in his office, and he didn't even give me a reaction! It turned out that A* saw it the night before and told him about it! Darn! It was a picture of him (when he was younger, blown up three times its size) with a speaking bubble next to it that said, "I stink when I'm tied to a girl." He said that when we were doing three-legged bowling.

I emailed P* this week and told her I wouldn't be in sorority anymore. It's just too much effort for them when I'm not even dedicated. She wrote back a nice email.

In church today, I walked into Sunday School, and Dad said, "Is Mom here?" I said, "No." He said, "That lady said that she was in Relief Society." Eventually he pointed out to me that he thought she thought I was his WIFE! BAH! Then when we walked past her, he put his arm around me! Eeeew! Anyway, in Sacrament Meeting, I did really well on the organ. Those joyful Easter songs are so uplifting. The more I thought about how this meeting didn't seem much different from the others, I realized that that is because we focus on Christ's Resurrection EVERY WEEK! I'm glad we don't have crosses up in church. Instead, we focus on His life! He lives! I'm so grateful for all that he did for me so that I can return to live with Heavenly Father!

You know those feelings where you think that you're not good enough for anything and you're not sure where you're going with your life? I had a total feeling of purpose today! I knew that my calling is in the church, and I was excited to perfect different skills so that I can serve! I watched Peggy carefully during the choir piece, and afterwards, she told me to come to Choir so that I can learn from her. She said, "You'll be the leader someday." I will. I want to have the same kind of effect on my ward as Peggy has had, and I knew at that moment that I could and would if I continued to improve myself! Wahoo!

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