24 March 2005


(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

There was this creepo at the library this week. He kept checking out me and Sister M*. I sat so that my head was behind the computer, because he was really making me uncomfortable. I called Elder S* to help us figure out how to ocmbine the GEDCOM files When I sent Sister M* out to put an "Out of Order" sign on one of the computers, he gave her this really strange look. She came in and said, "That was WEIRD." "I saw that," I said, and we wondered about it. He would come over and ask strange questions and when he went to look at the Snack Room after we told him where it was, I told Sister M* to leave before he got back. Then he came over and talked to me. He said, "Are you perturbed or something?" I should have said, "Yes, you are making me very uncomfortable," but instead I denied that I was perturbed. Then he said, "That girl who was here with you earlier -- I felt this magnetism between us. It's like when we looked at each other there was a connection. We both did a double take. There are these vibes that I'm getting. There's something there. I met this woman at the post office today, and it was the same way. I have this attraction to women. In a world where everyone's scared, you have to be careful, but I'm open. It's all about intention and sharing your feelings. I told her exactly what I thought. You can't ignore those things, these magnetisms and attractions . . . " He was really freaking me out. I asked, "How is the family history going?" He said, "Well, it's like I planted a seed. I can watch it grow and sprout . . . " and on and on. THAT was even more creepy! Finally, he went to grab something at his computer, and he said, "Just a minute. I'm a really good lecturer." I ran and did books in the stacks because I didn't want to be around him any longer. When I came back, he was talking to three women. I couldn't tell if he was scaring them, so I kept walking past to try to hear what he was saying. They were smiling and nodding, but that's what I did. I debated over what I should do. I could deal with it, because I would be leaving with people in a city I know (and I called Mom to give me a ride home), but I didn't want to hear on the news that three women were abducted after leaving the Family History Library. Eventually I called Julie Gail and she told me to call Security. They asked for a description and said they'd be over to talk to me. Julie Gail sent Debbie to be with me on counter, and shortly thereafter Ashlie told me that Julie said I should come count out earlier so I wouldn't have to be around him. I was anxious to leave, and right as I passed the creeper security stopped me. I was three feet away and I had to describe what he had said. I did not like that AT ALL. Finally I rushed away, and the security guard started talking to him while I was still walking away! When I got to the stairwell, I ran up and I did not want to come back down until Kendra went with me. As we were leaving, the security guard stopped me. Since everyone was walking out, I got scared that I would have to walk out by myself, but Ashlie waited for me. He said, "I confronted him, and he was very distraught. He asked who had told us, and of course I didn't tell him, but I asked him to leave, which he did peacefully. I talked to those women and they felt scared as well. They had me watch them to their car. Thank you for letting us know. If he comes in here again, give us a call, because we can't have people talking to you or patrons like that." Yikes! I felt scared outside, but we didn't see anyone and Mom pulled up right in front. I had the worst willies, which is definitely one of Mom's words that I never use. I'm so glad I don't have to go back until Friday. I hope he's not bugging anyone else.

T* called shortly after that and he brought pastries to my house so we could work on his philosophy article. I figured that was okay during my anti-social week, because we were working, but we did end up talking for a while after and he left at 12:15. Sometimes I wonder if he ever thinks about us as being an "us," but I'm glad right now that it's very casual and we can discuss a lot of things openly - all that is, except for "us," because "we" aren't. Hee hee.

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