18 March 2005

Catch up

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

I know, I know, it's been quite a while. A lot has happened, and yet, not much has happened at the same time. The more I've looked at what I'm doing, the more I wonder if I'm good enough to be writing. Some of my papers have turned out quite well, but my creative writing that I thought was pretty good didn't spark any interest in the people I showed my articles to. (Whoa, I ended my sentence in a preposition.) I'm in a really strange mood right now - I'm very reflective. When I see what Janet and Shanna and Ryan can do without any effort, I feel like I'll never get to that point.

Last month I put myself on the list for the secretarial position at the FHL, and then I took my name back because I found a whole bunch of classes that I would like to do in the Fall, but should I audit them or extend graduation? I don't know.

Fabiola has begun dating this kid in her ward, and I'm so excited for her. I've done a lot of dating, but it's all confusing to me. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me that I should change my mind so often. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it's just a girl thing. For example, I'll think, "Man, I wish I had someone to be my best friend/boyfriend." Then the next hour I'll think, "It's so nice to just be by myself." Then I'll think, "Why hasn't anyone called me?" then, "Why does this kid keep calling me?" then, "I can't wait for him to call," etc.

Last week, I spent a lot of time writing essays and dealing with problems involved with them. For example, on Friday morning, I was going to get up early on Friday to finish my essay that was due at nine o'clock, but I just couldn't get up. Then Mom came in and said that if I wanted a ride to the bus stop I'd have to be ready in fifteen minutes. I hurried around and grabbed my jump drive that has been corrupted ever since Jeff yoinked it out of the computer without exiting. When I got to school, my file wasn't on the jump drive and the writing center wasn't open. So I called Mom, who doesn't know how to attach files and didn't want to learn, so I told her step by step how to copy and paste the file into an email. When I got it, I had to re-format the whole thing, and it was two pages shorter than it had been! I made sure the

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