14 January 2005

William Godwin and Mary Shelley - I knew it!

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Well, I have internet access now because I go to school every day and have a choice of fifteen or so computer labs, two of which are in the two buildings where my classes are. I can't believe how much I have to do! I always seem to get to this, where I just stare and stare at a paper with my schedule and wonder "Where in the world is there more time? Why, oh, why is there not more time? There HAS to be more time! It's got to be on here somewhere!" And I stare some more and eventually I get stressed out and go to bed when I should be doing something more useful like homework. Today I was discouraged in my new German class, because I didn't know all of the words, and the teacher is Austrian - I'm not used to those accents. But then Tatum's class was great - he's brilliant. At first I did some other work while he was talking, but then I began to enjoy what he was saying. My mom and I were debating the other day why I thought the novels she read are pulp and what makes great literature, and we're discussing that! Best of all, when I went into Franta's class, I told Hannah and Travis how I felt that Frankenstein and Caleb Williams were totally similar - they both have the same language and frame stories and the destructive but virtuous character. Then, during class, Travis asked Franta about it, and he said that Mary Shelley was William Godwin's DAUGHTER! Wahoo! I picked up on a connection. Then I made a ton of other connections in the discussion - with Jamison's discussions about Coleridge and Wordsworth and the sublime and the imagination being romantic, not the harlequin-type love fluff fiction. I talked to dad on my cell phone for a LONG TIME, trying to figure out his paypal account for ebay. It was so hard, because he was making it hard. He kept saying, "Now what do I do?!? This is a pain in the petootie!" He kept saying he didn't want to reset his password, but the whole point of resetting it was because he couldn't remember it in the first place! Bah! Tonight, our basketball team won! Some of the girls had NO IDEA what basketball is, but I tried to explain and give them some playing time. At first I subbed all of them in together, but it was not pretty, so I remedied that action and it turned out well. Then I went and saw Jeff wrestle. He won, and this kid wants to line me up tomorrow, but I don't think I have time to date this semester. Anyway, I should definitely not be sitting here typing this up. Ciao!

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