12 January 2005

UTA service, pancakes, feedback, silly emails

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

-This morning, Mom dropped me off late to the bus stop. I knew that I was going to have to wait and be really late to Institute, AND FREEZE! I stood there on crackly ice and thought, "Heavenly Father, please let something work out." I kept looking at my watch and down the street, hoping that somehow it was late. Well, guess what? This truck with emergency lights (not flashing) drove past me and pulled over. Then it signaled to the left and did a U-Turn. As it pulled up to me, I saw that the side of it said, "UTA". The lady rolled down her window and said that the bus was on time today and I must have just missed it. She asked where I was going and told me to hop in. Yay! Thank you, HF! I got to listen to the radios talk about different bus schedules and transfers. We talked a little. Her name was Angie. She dropped me off and I was ten minutes early! Then when I walked into the Institute, I smelled something yummy! There was a plethora of pancakes in there! I ate a few and talked to Tim (who was making the pancakes and on whom I used to have a crush but he is now married) about doing some writing. He asked me for feedback, and at first I was scared, but then I told him what I thought, and he asked me to come to the meeting with some specific feedback on the last three magazines. Yippy!
-So I'm going to be doing service learning at West High and Bad Dog Discovers America school, behind the Gateway.
-This kid in my class today said that he used to be Mormon and he went on a mission to Romania. I'm going to talk to him. The problem is, he knows all our "methods". Just kidding.
-I hope I get into that Shakespeare class!
-I hope I get to at least go on a date with Dave - I'll be working with him soon.
-I emailed Stowie. Hee hee. I told him that I was embarrassed and flattered and surprised about the song, and that we could discover his whole dating history. Then I told him I hope I didn't offend him on Sunday and that I was too busy to think about relationship things. Lastly, he sent me one of those weird surveys that asks things like, "What was the first thing you noticed about me?" I answered all of the questions in the silliest way possible. I said he was a red-eyed atheist and that the first thing I noticed was the football-sized lump jutting out the side of his neck. (Seinfeld) The nickname I gave him was Loiter Goiter, and the "best memory" was "the time you let me touch the goiter". Hahahahahahaha. I was laughing so hard in the computer lab. Anyway, I've got to go. Have a fabulous day!

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