11 January 2005

USA - inspired, Grandma, forgotten calls, gross feet . . .

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It seems like every semester I get concerned about finances, but this time there really is no way around it. I'm trying to figure out how I can get enough to pay for tuition and to pay for my summer stuff, etc. Today I'm going to sign up to pay tuition in five installments, so that will relieve the problem for a bit . . . Mom is unhappy that I'm selling the car. She says I'm being inconsiderate and that she can't chauffeur me around. So, I'm trying to get by with the smallest number of individual rides from Mom as possible. I tried to talk with her about it and come up with a common purpose and all that from "Crucial Conversations", but she didn't want to talk, although I think I did really well with what I've learned.

I haven't gotten Grandma's PAF stuff yet. I went and watched her with Dad on Sunday, and she loved just listening to us talk about David O. McKay and cool mission experiences. Sometimes she would say things that made no sense and just sit there staring ahead, smacking her lips. I would try to ask her about it, and she would say more nonsense or not know what I was talking about. She asked me if I would mind getting the garbage box. I said, "A garbage can?" A while later she said, "No, the wastebasket." I said, "The one right there?" She said, "No. I don't know where it is." Then we sat there for a while, and I got up to get Dad, and she said, "I think it's in the blue bathroom." She hasn't had a blue bathroom for quite some time, but I went to get it and Dad was in the bathroom. So, I waited, and he didn't bring it, but she didn't say anything about it again.

The New Era is great. Did I already tell you that I've already written some Q and A's and that I now have to think of an Idea List? I'm not coming up with much of anything that hasn't been published recently. I still can't BELIEVE the garbage some people submit! I mean, how did they get into junior high?! I need to find some kind of freelance thing to earn some money. I just don't have the time or resources to have some steady night job on late Thursdays or Fridays. Plus, I have basketball that changes times, and every third Friday I have to work until 9.

I saw Curtis yesterday. He told me he's changing majors! He's now doing Sports and Exercise Fitness so he can be a physical therapist! No way! He said it will take him about 4-5 semesters more.

So this kid (DANNY) at the FHL picked up his call at the COB yesterday, and he was carrying it around so he could open it at home with his family. The funny thing is, I was working on 2nd, and we got a call that they had forgotten to put the actual call in!!!!! So, we didn't tell him and waited for the lady to bring it over, hoping we would get to see it. Well, she arrived and made us fetch him so she could take the old envelope. She made him leave while she put everything into a new one and sealed it. I tried to make Sister Bourne peek, but the lady moved away. Ha! (I made him call my cell phone and leave a message last night, and he's going to Paraguay, not even close to anywhere we guessed.) Next adventure: a patron came up and said that there was a lady walking around without shoes on and it wasn't very sanitary. Danny said that he'd seen her, so we told Tom who told Wil who said to call security. So I called security, and they said they'd come talk to me. Danny helped me find the lady, and she had NASTY feet! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! They had big red sores on them with white goop on them, and I wanted to BARF! One security guy came and I pointed her out, and he talked to her, but she ignored him, so he called another guy, who also talked to her, and they waited until she went back to her reader. "If she walks around again without shoes, let us know. She can't be doing that." Blech!

Last night after FHE we went to the library. Just like last week, they needed help. Anna wanted me to make a poster, and Suzanne needed help doing the bestseller list. I ended up showing Suzanne how (even though she had the document of instructions that I had typed for them right in front of her) and helping people with the computers. I kept almost taking off my coat and putting it under the desk.

Well, now that I've spent way too much time typing this and boring you out of your mind, I will end so I can read some of my history book to test out of American Institutions. I love the writing in this book. I almost cried when I read about the Declaration of Independence. I knew our country was inspired.

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