23 January 2005

Simplification and Positivication

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)
So, guess what I have finally succeeded in doing? Simplifiying my life! Heh heh heh! Last week I was signed up for 23 credit hours and some independent study classes, service study at West High and Bad Dog Discovers America School, my job at the Family History Library, editing work at the New Era, and coaching basketball. Well, last week, everything fell into place! It made me so happy! I discovered that the teaching thing won't work out - you have to have a major as well, and you have to work full time for a YEAR without pay! So, I wouldn't be done for a lot longer than I thought. Thus, I dropped the minor and ended up with the oh-so-glorious amount of twelve credit hours! NO WAY! (Well, and a few independent study classes) Plus, I no longer have those service learning things, so that eliminates more things on my schedule. Yay! I'm doing a lot more writing and reading, for classes, volunteer work, and for fun. The one problem is, Mom now thinks that means I should get another job. SHOULD? Probably. I can't handle it, though. I've been so stressed out the last year trying to work my bum off. However, when I look at my financial situation, I know something's going to have to change, or I won't be going to Germany to finish my German minor (I'll be done with English this semester!) I can't believe I'm graduating in two years, but then when I look at other people, I can't believe that they have so much longer to go.

Tanya went with me to the Century meeting, and now she's getting involved in the design and she'll probably do some writing. We went to the Design Editor's art show on Tanya's Birthday. It was really cool. So I gained a portfolio in two days several different times: applying for Sterling Scholar (in several areas), and for that New Era internship. Tanya's trying to pull one together for the Century. I'm so hoping I can get that New Era internship or another job there in the fall. Otherwise, I'm out of luck. Getting involved with the New Era and the Century Magazine and the Enormous Rooms literary magazine has really helped me. I get a lot more ideas now of what to write. After the first Century meeting, I went home and started three different stories. I've had a crush on one of the Century people for so long (over a year), but I'm afraid to do anything about it, because I might scare him away. Plus, he's been dating someone (but why does he always write about being single?). Enormous Rooms is cool. I went through a lot of poetry and had a lot of the same opinions as the first proofreader, but there were a few questionable ones that I put "NO" on and he put "yes!" on. Then there's the contrast of the super-Mormon girl with the Century. Everything we read aloud she said it might offend someone, and then someone mentioned an article about being a girl and being 21 and unmarried, and Tanya and I just laughed and got bug-eyed, while that girl totally got excited. "Oh! I know all about that! I have several friends going through that." GOING THROUGH THAT?!?!?!??! I couldn't believe that she said "going through that" as if it was a trial to be endured! I laughed at the senselessness of it! Tanya and I kept looked at each other and wondering about that one . . . There were several articles that were really attention-getting but seemed to have no conclusion.
Someone called yesterday about the Jetta. She asked questions about all the things that were on the posting anyway, and then said she'd like to come see it on Monday. I gave her the coordinates, and then she said, "How do I get there?" That surprised me. How do you get north or south or west or east? She kept naming places she was near and a road called the 806. I said, "Do you know I-15?" She said no, and then asked, "Are you in Orange County?" Oh boy. I said, "I'm in UTAH." That surprised her. For some reason she didn't know that I was in Utah, so she said, "Never mind" and hung up. Darn.
Last night, Tanya and I went to the fireside. We were late and slid into some chairs in the back. All of a sudden the girl in front of me turned her head a little, and Tanya and I went, "Oh!" It was Ronda! She was directly in front of me, and Hollie was directly in front of Tanya! What are the chances? Hee hee! I was so surprised and happy that I just laughed for a while. Then we laughed because the people who were speaking were bearing their testimonies about sororities and fraternities . . . . okay. Then Ellis Ivory spoke about being happy. I really need to stop criticizing so much and become the super-positive person I once was. Sadly, Mom said that when I was little she would have guessed that I would be very dainty and lady-like when I grew up. That made me feel badly. It never bugged me until she said that. Then Tanya and I talked for a long time about our goals and weaknesses and on and on. I gave her a birthday present, and she kept protesting, but I really felt like she has been such a close friend that she needed something more than dinner. (On Saturday we went to Buca di Beppo. Fabiola and I were the first to arrive, and then Tanya and Joanna fifteen minutes later, and April forty-five minutes later, and Jenny an hour and a half later, and MIchael even later! The whole thing took FOREVER! It was fun, but way too long. I just wanted my food, but it took forever to be seated and to order and to get it. BUT, it was REALLY good! The garlic mozzarella bread was so amazing, I would seriously eat just that for dinner. I tried fried Calamari and then I got some spaghetti. Joanna and April took a while to decide on desserts even though I thought it was already decided. They ended up getting what I had started ordering when they said they weren't ready yet. The waiter brought this big candle thing and everyone around sung "Happy Birthday". Then, we finally got the check and they couldn't figure out how to split it. They stared at the number for a long time, and finally I put down what I had and they paid with debits and we were out of there in an all-time record of THREE HOURS. Luckily, our waiter heard Tanya say that he was a slowpoke on the way out. I had told Tom that we'd be at his house around ten, but it was really eleven-thirty, so I stopped in and said hi and then went home. I really would like to go back to Buca on an un-crowded night and just have garlic bread. MMMM.)

I feel much happier today. Ha. That reminds me. My mom and I chased a bus today. As we were going up 3900 South, I saw it pass, so I "cried out" (ha ha, I don't know what else to call it - that sounds old school though), and she said, "What's the other option?" But then she took forever to turn around and we got to 2000 East and 3300 South and saw it coming, but the light wouldn't change! If it had, it would have been a lot easier. Of course, it did, right as the bus was turning, and then no one was at the next five bus stops! We just kept going and going, and finally when the bus pulled over she sped ahead and dropped me off. The bus almost didn't pull over for me because it was that close behind us. I made it! Phew! My mom scored some big points!

So today's institute class was so cool! Brother Wade came (from the Pre-field Mission Department) and showed us some pictures of missionaries and tattoos (if they have one that's not in an inappropriate place, they have to send in a picture!) and talked about how Elder Eyring decides (wow!). I asked him at the end if people ever put things about where they wanted to go. He said that every now and then the priesthood leaders will write something about what they want to do, but he said, "I didn't want to go to Anaheim, but it was amazing how I discovered that it was inspired over and over." (Or something like that.) I really knew that the twelve are inspired.

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