08 December 2004

Writing Style, 22 Days

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

So, I got this email from some dude with Church Curriculum. He said that they liked my writing style and thought it would be good for the New Era, and that I should do a service mission with them. If I can't do that, he said, I should apply next year for sure. They like graduate students. I wrote back, but I think it will have to depend on how flexible they are and how many hours a week it would be. They are really flexible with the service missionaries at the FHL. Saturday would have been my six month anniversary. Isn't that weird? I haven't seen Matt for 22 days. I read that to break habits, you have to be rid of them for 21 days.

Last night we had Marion and Daniel Marriott over for dinner. They are so great! Wow, there wasn't an awkward or dull moment. What great, happy people. I thought that she might be emailing her sister today saying that she had dinner with this girl's family from her ward, just like Amy emailed me about having dinners.

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