16 August 2004

Zürich is rich

(Transferred from my old blog on 18 August 2008.)

Saturday, August 14th: Wow, I slept so well. I love those duvet things. We went to Sue and Bea's godmother and godfather's house, which was very niear, and had huge Swiss breakfast. Dorothea and Werner were very nice and Sue kept asking if I'd like more and what kind of tea (peppermint) and then Ursula saw me staring at the yummmy braided bread, shiny and fresh, made by Dorothea, so she nodded to it and I nodded back and she cut me two more pieces. They said that the apricot jam was newly made and it was awesome. The tea wasn't that good, but I had it all between bites of the better-than-good cheese (called Det de Moin or some weird French thing that means head of the munk) on home-grown tomatoes. That bread was the best I've ever had in Europe. Ryan and I walked around their garden and took pictures. It remind me of the Borters. Then we played with cute dog named Baktu. The grandbaby was so happy. He walked around laughing. He speaks Swiss German and MOroccan (his dad is Moroccan).

I was glad that Ryan would be leaving, but then the Bieris heard how he tried to change his ticket but it would be 2000 dollars. Great. They are so loving and helpful, they spent a lot of time on the phone. I was sitting on the couch and Sue asked me if it would be better for him to leave. How did she know? I told her probably, but if he stayed it would be oky. We went to the Bahnhof and brought all of his stuff in case a ticket didn't work out. Ursula helped me buy a Swiss pass. I was lucky because I forgot my passport, but the lady gave me one with my drivers license number. Pit showed up at the last minute (as usual, according to Sue) with a Japanese book for her and a 740 quote for Ryan.

On to Zürich. It is only about an hour from Bern. We walked down Bahnhofstrasse, the street with shops that pay a ton to be there. Ryan got a swiss card and I tried on sunglasses. Since Zürich is so well to do, everything was very expensiv.e I saw michemily-colored ringa t a strett markt, but it was too much and they were closing down anyway. The lake was beautiful. Sue bought some Sprüngli, a high quality chocolate store. They were called Luxembourgerli and they look like mini hamburgers and they are to die for. We sat and watched swans and ducks and Sue tricked them by spitting. All their heads were up and ready. I couldn't stop thinking about Matt.

We went into the Münster church and I got the organ pic and talked to Ursula about Krauchthal and Jegenstorf. Sue told me about her friend who is the only woman organ builder and how hard it is.

We bought a döner with Euros (which meant a bit more since it should be CHF, or Swissfrancs). It was 6,50! Then we went to this funky place that overlooked the water and had ice cream (3,50). I told Ryan that $740 was really expensive and it would be almost better to come back next time. He decided to leave at the normal time. Wahoo! He went ona nd on about how much ice Sue had in her iced tea and ate it. We went back to the station, and Ryan tried to buy more Luxembourgerli, but no euros were accepted. Sue paid. Then it was time to say goodbye. I was so sad about Sue leaving to Japan, and she was too. She said if she had known earlier that I was coming, she would have delayed it. Ryan said we should hang out a lot in Utah. He hugged me and said he'd msis me. I don't think too much about that. I gave Sue the three kiss. We kept waving back to them, and then Ursula led me to where we could see their tram go by. Sue saw us and we waved and waved, but Ryan didn't. So that might be the last I'll see Sue for a long time.

Going back to Bern on the train, Ursula spoke to me in German the whole way. It was great. She told mea bout the places I should visit and I wrote them on my map. I asked how she met Pit. (Skiing - his bindings broke.) When we got to Bern she showed me where the Postauto stops and Peter showed up a little late. Back at home, it was quiet. We ate - the best was dessert - pie crust laid out flat with plums cooked all over it, and cream with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Mmm. Peter and I ate the whole thing. I loved talking to him. My tea was super-good too. I helped put everything away and Peter remarked that the Mormon boys are like that too, something a normal boy would never do.

Then I called Dad and he said he was just at the library and saw Katie. They both wanted me to hurry and update my blog. He said the pumpkin plants are large, but no fruit!!!!!!! Dang. I hope they've been watering the carrots like crazy, or they won't be sweet! I said I wished he could send me pics (he has no digital) and he said, "Of the plants, but not us." Peter gave me a book about Switzerland. I think he bought it and had it wrapped the same time as the Japanese book for Sue.
Now, Peter needs the computer, so I must go.

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