21 August 2004

Freiburg - Study worthy?

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Thursday, August 19th

Ursula left me some rolls with a note saying to have a nice day. I slept in until 8:30. It was raining. I ordered school books online (there are 15 I need this semester!), and I hope I got everything. Some are at the library. I ate the rolls-mmm! Two had chocolate chips in them!

When I got to the rail station, I got off the bus and realized I had left my umbrella. I stood in a line forever, trying to figure out what to say. I couldn't remember the pastparticiple of to lose or to forget. Oh well. I guessed. They asked what color, I told them what bus until I realized they asked what color. Then I told them it was blue and only five minutes "backwards" (I didn't know how to say that either). Eventually, they brought out the right one. Still wet! Lucky.

In Freiburg, I went and looked around at the Uni and found some pamphlets. Freiburg is not as pretty as Bern, so that's disappointing. A cute dude honked at me, and I laughed. Then I went back to Bern and bought food to make dinner for the Bieris (of course, the same dinner we made for my host family). Then I saw the bear pit again, this time with bears. They looked cute.

I tried to call Ursula to tell her not to buy stuff, but the phones only take cards. I hate that. When I got back to the house, I saw she had been there. I called her cell phone, and she was buying groceries. So I will make dinner tomorrow, and travel around with Bea. I kind of just want to hang out around here, maybe walk up the hill and along the country roads, but that's okay. Oh, listen to this: (don't listen if you don't want some weird info) I put my hand in my back pocket today and was surprised to find . . . no, not money; no, not candy . . . my bum was firm - okay, I know, that's really a weird thing to tell people but it made me giggle a little. I guess being an extended tourist and European walking and biking habits have paid off, and how sad is it that I was never like that before?

Ursula and I had tea and I showed her and email from Grandma. She called Ossi, and she said he wants to buy me a book about Switzerland (his son Pit already did), and he was so worried about me, even moreso when he found out I traveled alone. He wanted to come with me. Ursula helped me do some wash and we picked lots of berries. I wonder where I can check customs about that? I told Ursula about that dude who took the number and she laughed and laughed. I saw a HUGE spider outside the window, but my camera batteried are dead, so in the process of finding new ones, I re-organized my suitcase. I went up in the loft and found another room, with another bed and two cribs and even more books!

Ursula turned on some nice music (I'm sorry, I know the tunes, but not if it's Beethoven or Mozart - just someone famous).

While Ursula made fondu (she assured met he wine cooks out of it, so I hope so). I rode the bike around the beautiful countryside (I've got to keep working out my bum). The fondu was good. I kept telling myself that the tangy taste had to be the cheese.

Then we had berries and talked about communication. That's when Eric called. I used Tanya's method (I took his email when he wanted mine), and when I went to hang up the phone dropped, probably sounding like a slam. (I told him we couldn't meet).

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