30 September 2018

This September I'll Remember

The womp of the waves against Shelter Cove
The porcelain of rocks worn into roundness over time

Breathing in sunsets and storing away the calm for later
Playing Scrabble and the scrabble of a crane fly on the ceiling

The roar of rocks rolling away
The glaring glitter of the sea

Taking on a path with cliffs on both sides
Gallivanting like goats

The Michelle Gs at TechCrunch
The piling up and ups and downs of pain

Volunteer nights and nights volunteering a listening ear and computer tips
Mini olallieberry pies to make space in the freezer and joy in my heart

Fear of having taken on too much
Hanging in there so far

Snickerdoodle the cutest Corgi
Seeing Salesforce Park for the first time

Burmese and ice cream with visitors from our 2014 life
Jumpsuits and the visit of a sister

Missing perfumed hours spent next to my lost music mentor
Reading about Peggy's first penicillin shot

Replacing Michael's favorite shoes
A tired anniversary

A grand plus of dentistry
Weezer's cover of "Africa"

Setting a record on dinner and asking about rolls before dessert
Rolling fog, fresh air, a view from the other side, and whorls of grass

The hardest shin whack maybe ever experienced
The lotion rub that was supposed to be a massage

Ice cream before Indian
The betrayal of communal mothers

Revisited vistas and a seal, king of the rock
A traffic jam made okay by togetherness and The Tsar of Love and Techno

Pondering the eucalyptus life
An empty apartment

Saying goodbye to two offices, hello to two more, and working towards yet another
Trying to keep orchids alive and watching the flowers fall

Last-minute community wrangling
Rejoicing in graduates at Grace Hopper

Worrying about not enough yeses
Avoiding news to save myself

Salty spam
Giggling at Gritty

Weekend naps
Chocolate just for me

Shelter Cove photo 2018-09-01 19.44.15_zpsw8lblk16.jpg

Shelter Cove photo 2018-09-02 19.30.24_zpsbxn4ru0g.jpg

Shelter Cove photo 2018-09-02 13.21.39_zpsfpq6u9i2.jpg

Precarious path photo 2018-09-03 12.24.39_zps2b54q4ir.jpg

Techtonica at TechCrunch photo 2018-09-07 15.45.41_zpstyzjt9no.jpg

Mini olallieberry pies photo 2018-09-09 22.18.50-2_zpss0ihoxis.jpg

Visitors from Shanghai photo 2018-09-12 09.14.31_zps8k0va7li.jpg

 photo 2018-09-13 19.27.18_zpsfsuemsbd.jpg

Tired anniversary photo 2018-09-20 20.27.00_zpspqhdrkg0.jpg

The Bay from Cavallo Point at Night photo IMG_20180921_220049_zps6af8oej9.jpg

Whorls of grass at Cavallo Point photo 2018-09-22 10.42.15_zpsoh1npp75.jpg

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