07 October 2014

Catch Up Posts

I've been playing blog catch up, and you wouldn't believe how old some of these adventures are that I've blogged about. They are waaaay overdue. Enjoy.

  1. Working for Google
  2. Last Bits of Shanghai
  3. Tech and Me in Shanghai
  4. Cutting My Hair and Getting a Digital Perm
  5. Amusements
  6. Visiting Sica in Jiujiang
  7. Looking for a Place to Live in Shanghai
  8. China, why you be so weird?
  9. Final Food in China
  10. Fashion in China
  11. Engrish
  12. Hello, Michael TurboTax
  13. Thinking About Sochi Problems
  14. Karaoke at Renny's
  15. Joseph's Visit to Shanghai
  16. Chinese Vampires
  17. Rain Jacket Success
  18. Garden
  19. Our First Year in San Francisco
  20. Québec and Montréal
  21. Wedding Sunglasses
  22. My Wedding Ring
  23. Our Wedding

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