21 January 2014

Random Amusements in Taiwan

Personal Space Much? photo 2013-12-25100722_zps8834a596.jpg
Personal space much? (Claire: best face ever, and Michael: best profile shot.)

Reading Glasses Provided for Forms at Taipei Airport photo 2013-12-25104435_zps92edfd8a.jpg
Reading glasses are provided for filling out forms at the Taipei airport. Either officials are really considerate, or there's too much small print.

People have happily been selecting music at this hotel for the last sixty years photo 2013-12-27172618_zps1b86575c.jpg
Apparently, people have happily been selecting music at this hotel for the last ninety years. (It didn't work, but I would have been interested to hear what music they had.)

Chinese Habit of Wrapping in Plastic photo 2013-12-28072232_zpsc34dd660.jpg
I'd heard about the Asian habit of wrapping remotes in plastic, but this amused me nevertheless.

I'd also heard about the garbage trucks playing music. I laughed when I heard a truck playing "Happy Birthday." Here's a video that I did not make of a garbage truck playing music in Taiwan:

Insert to Gain Power. If only it were that easy photo 2013-12-26080648_zpsd46ea1dc.jpg
"Insert to Gain Power." If only it were that easy!

Rock Lizard photo 2013-12-26203038_zpsa398ab8d.jpg
Watch out for rock lizards.

Z Chairs photo 2013-12-26133434_zps70c98396.jpg
These chairs at a Japanese restaurant were cool . . .

Cool Chair/Table Design photo 2013-12-26133418_zps91b9043c.jpg
but the way these tables and chairs worked together was even cooler.

Best Hats Award photo 2013-12-26135125_zps2868ad96.jpg
Winners of the best hats award.

Gorgeous Wedding Invitation photo 2013-12-26221905_zpsd69bf534.jpg
This wedding invitation blew me away with its gorgeousness. I love that rich, rich red.

Hawk at Former British Consulate photo 2013-12-26224911_zpsd38eb094.jpg
Michael captured this great photo of a hawk. Hawks always make me think of my dad, who keeps a pair of binoculars handy for watching hawks that live across from his work (I'm sure the people who see him wonder what the heck he's doing).

"Cockchafer" is a good name for a screw gunboat. Sorry if that's too much . . . photo 2013-12-26230633_zpsa7b20219.jpg
"Cockchafer" is a good name for a screw gunboat. Sorry if that's too much . . .

Safty Food photo 2013-12-25202349_zps58ec485d.jpg
Safty food. I'm glad for the reassurance, but what all is going on in there?

Breastfeeding Room is Clearly Welcoming to Male Caretakers photo 2013-12-25121531_zps402dc0d0.jpg

Yay, Another Involved Male! photo 2013-12-25121648_zpsb13c2fb9.jpg
Yay, more involved males/consideration for involved males.

Diagonal Crosswalk in Taipei! photo 2013-12-28101051_zpsa051b330.jpg
Taipei had diagonal crosswalks. Cool.

At our wedding luncheon with relatives in Taipei,

This Relative Reminds Me of Michael as a Young Child
I thought that this little guy looked like a young Michael.

Scary Black Chicken photo 2013-12-28140504_zps9b5186b2.jpg
And this black meat scared me.

Lettuce Wrap Burrito--My Own Invention
And I took matters into my own hands and created a burrito out of a lettuce wrap and a Chinese tortilla (that's supposed to be eaten with duck meat and sauce, I think).

Mint and Chocolate--first time I've seen them together in months photo 2013-12-28164121_zpse0e26844.jpg
Mint and chocolate together! This was the first time I'd seen this match made in heaven in months. Yum!

Claire Talking to Her Mom in the Smoking Area photo 2013-12-28230546_zpsa281c870.jpg
I was amused when I realized that Claire was talking to her mom in the designated smoking area.

Michael Being Artsy Again photo 2013-12-28080502_zpse84f36e6.jpg
Meanwhile, Michael was being artsy.

Bird Statue at Xinghai Guangfu Building in Yangmingshan National Park

Ducks at Yangmingshan National Park
These ducks were so funny. They gathered around me, but every time Michael turned in their direction, they nervously walked away.

Bones Rock at Yehliu Geopark photo 2013-12-29015720_zpsaaa2fdd2.jpg
This rock tried to give me bones. (But I already have some. That's punny.)

Unicycles at Michael's Old School photo 2013-12-31124740_zpsc6f80737.jpg
Michael's old school has unicycles in the hallway. How convenient. I wish I'd seen students riding them to and from class or something.

Egypt, honey, American flag, blessings . . . I feel confused photo 2013-12-31221652_zpscc248c4b.jpg
Egypt, honey, American flag, blessings . . . I feel confused. What is going on here?

Weirdest/Best Products for Zits in Asia photo 2013-12-30142905_zps309a2787.jpg
Asia has the weirdest/best products for zits. Mmm, zit putty.

Anyone else feel like some pie crust? photo 2013-12-31210103_zps4520d280.jpg
I was just craving some pie crust. How did they know?!?

A Heidi Store photo 2013-12-31145532_zps306e963c.jpg
Heidi's store.

Not sure if these bunny slide-ons are shoes or slippers photo 2013-12-31164102_zps8129fdb4.jpg
Not sure if these bunny slide-ons are shoes or slippers.

Santa couldn't find the chimney photo 2013-12-31164331_zps93afe3eb.jpg
Santa couldn't find the chimney.

Taiyaki Gun photo 2013-12-31180932_zpsb5f4dd63.jpg
Michael with his taiyaki gun.

Why is there cute poop on the taiyaki stand? photo 2013-12-31181141_zpsbe5bfd7d.jpg
This is the taiyaki stand of deliciousness. I don't know why there is happy poop on top. Maybe taiyaki has fiber in it?

Who should check this out? The gifts? Am I a gift? photo 2014-01-02153425_zps8e920413.jpg
This was in our hotel room. Who should check out? The gifts? What if they're not ready to check out? Okay, yes, I'm being really picky with the English here.

The Church of KTV of Latter-day Taiwanese photo 2014-01-02143201_zps26d0ea46.jpg
The Church of KTV of Latter-day Taiwanese. In other words, this church has been converted into a karaoke place. I bet the acoustics are good.

Convenient Outside Sinks and Mirrors photo 2013-12-31205552_zps191be36d.jpg
I like these convenient outdoor sinks and mirrors for customers of food places.

FAT--Far Eastern Air Transport. Why not FEAT? photo 2014-01-03080423_zps28db6186.jpg
You'd think someone would have told them to go with FEAT instead of FAT. Maybe "feat" means something negative in a language in Asia?

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