18 November 2013

Random Hong Kong Amusements

In case the first Hong Kong post wasn't enough for you, here's another:

 Michael's Pharmacy in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-28131015_zps89112947.jpg
Those first two characters are Michael's name.

Freaky Ailment Photos in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-28132020_zps06df0246.jpg
This was posted as some kind of advertising for treatment at this place. I feel sorry for the people pictured (there are no after pictures, so how do we know they've ever recovered?), and I feel repelled by this place (which I'm pretty sure isn't what they were aiming for).

Organic Baby on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-28173550_zpsc349a1be.jpg
Organic baby. Delicious.

Giant Coca-Cola on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-28174036_zps2abd71ca.jpg
I don't actually like carbonated products, especially coke--maybe that's why I'm making such a pained face--but the size of this thing was just asking for a funny photo.

Why didn't I think to wear my white rubber boots? photo 2013-09-28182217_zpsce15b72a.jpg
Ah, dang. I forgot my white rubber boots.

Hong Kong Hipster photo 2013-09-28190605_zps296c8bdf.jpg
What do you call hipsters in Hong Kong? Hongsters? (Okay, okay, this isn't the best hipster I saw, just the easiest one to take a picture of. All he needs is an ironic hat, right?)

In case you only need a hotel for a minute photo 2013-09-28212616_zps13818e92.jpg
I can understand someone needing a few hours, but a minute?

Maroon Velvet Piano Cover photo 2013-09-29104540_zpsf16dbd60.jpg
Why does this not surprise me? Because anything shiny and even remotely red makes anything look better. Or at least that's what seems to be the opinion around here.

The Chinese Version of Drinking Fountains photo 2013-09-29105055_zps93b43633.jpg
This is how you have a drinking fountain when the water isn't potable.

Copper Garage Door in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-29112221_zps90ac9d44.jpg
We saw some pretty cool-looking doors/gates near the church.

I Believe I Can Fly at Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-291246_zps3fffa775.jpg
Michael loved these little statues. He said they made him think of minions.

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-291240_zps77880298.jpg
This lion was looking for some props.

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-291245_zpsab0d9db7.jpg
Another minion up to something crazy.

Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-291230_zps1aaf0c05.jpg
I was thirsty.

Snake Belts at Hong Kong Market photo 2013-09-291330_zps2a5968c2.jpg
It's hard for me to believe that they sell enough of these to keep displaying them. And all the colors? Maybe they're thinking optimistically: "Well, no one bought the orange one, but I'm sure if we make a brown one they'll love it."

Man and Ladies in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-29143440_zpsc52e42f4.jpg
Something's not right here. Either they were going for "ladies' man," or the men's bathroom only has one toilet.

Do Your Accounting by Restaurant Entrance in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-29143831_zps803df9b7.jpg
For some reason I found it so amusing that the restaurant owner did his bookkeeping at a table right by the entrance. If he'd wanted to say hello to everyone who walked in, it might not have been so weird.

Shade Clothing in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-29160024_zps91f5b0d5.jpg
Shades live on . . . in Hong Kong!

Apple Has My Sunglasses in Hong Kong photo 2013-09-29195230_zpscd7293e7.jpg
Hey, those sunglasses look familiar . . .

Umbrella Vending Machine photo 2013-09-29215346_zps804a0f01.jpg
An umbrella vending machine. So clever.

Keep Calm and Bake On photo 2013-09-29213249_zpsb3983ed8.jpg
Keep calm and bake on--a nice reminder in a place where it's difficult to bake.

Paperless Toilets in Macau photo 2013-09-30192753_zps1f8ab16d.jpg
This puzzles me. If you had the option, would you really choose the squatting one? Really? Also, I'd read that Macau doesn't always provide toilet paper, and sure enough, I had to go back out to get some tissues out of Michael's bag.

Soldier iPhone Stand photo 2013-09-30193501_zps2689e423.jpg
These soldier toys can be used for everything.

Hunger Games in Macau? photo 2013-09-301930_zps0c0ff634.jpg
This statue just said "Hunger Games" to me.

 photo 2013-10-01184944_zps3b89a822.jpg
Apparently these things are called "chicken poop"  in Chinese. I wonder why they decided that "teacakes" was the most appealing translation?

Frozen Coca-Cola photo 2013-10-02141925_zps0ec92725.jpg
Instruction number one: "Twist the cap open and take a quaff." I had to look up "quaff." It sounded a bit too much like "queef" for me.

Sitting on a Steep Escalator in Ocean Park in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-021453_zpse4a77084.jpg
Sitting on the escalator.

Halloween Decor at Ocean Park in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-021805_zps2647b92a.jpg
Halloween decor at Ocean Park.

K-Pop Madness at Ocean Park in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-021807_zps08e68219.jpg
The only reason I know about K-Pop is because I'm friends with Becca Lindsay.

Covered Wedding Dresses in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-03114259_zps68727185.jpg
Apparently even bride mannequins get cold during the night, because every closed bridal shop we passed had them all wrapped up.

Up and Down Signs for the Escalators in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-03123311_zps641e83ba.jpg
Michael found it amusing that there had to be such obvious signs showing which escalator goes up and which goes down. If these were escalators that had a motion sensor to start, that might make more sense.

"Litter Cum Recyclables" Bins in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-03143035_zps1c98c9ef.jpg
"Litter cum recyclables collection" bins were all over the city. I do not think that word means what they think it means.

Hong Kong Train to Airport Station photo 2013-10-03153044_zps344b6bc7.jpg
This station to catch the train to the airport was absolutely enormous, and for good reason, because there were soooo many people there. (Not.)

Downtown Prices Guaranteed at Hong Kong Airport photo 2013-10-03154918_zpsa8b076fa.jpg
What if I don't want things to cost as much as downtown? What if I want them to cost less than downtown?

Chinese Braille in Hong Kong photo 2013-10-03163241_zps4e2a5288.jpg
While waiting for Michael outside of the bathroom, I looked at this sign and wondered: How different is Chinese braille from English braille? Also, I've never seen a blind person walking around, feeling the walls to figure out where anything is.

Strip Shirt photo 2013-10-03202652_zps7464fcba.jpg
I noticed that people kept looking at my shirt, but I thought they were just looking at the word "stripe." Then I realized that with my backpack on, I was walking around with the word "strip" on my shirt. Ba ha ha.

What Happens When You Forget Clippers and Go On Vacation For a Week photo 2013-10-07105801_zps274a450b.jpg
I nearly went crazy because I forgot to clip my nails before we left for Hong Kong and neglected to bring a set of nail clippers with me. This is honestly the longest I can remember my nails ever being. (At a very young age, my piano teacher trained me to always cut off the white part of the nail, and I haven't been able to stand having them long since.)

Kinder Bueno at Hong Kong Airport photo 2013-10-03162343_zpsfcd00da7.jpg
We considered buying this set of 16 Buenos (because I love Buenos), but then I was worried that having so many would make them not special anymore, and also that I might eat all of them instead of food, which I tend to do, especially since we don't have our own kitchen anymore. Michael snuck a picture while I distracted the sales lady. Unfortunately, once we got to our terminal, we found the same package, but for a lot more money. We missed out. Oh well.


  1. When I was in China, I chose squatting when I had the option. When the bathrooms were dirty, I took comfort in not having to touch anything.

    1. That's funny, because I choose the toilet and still squat--it's less messy when your pee doesn't have three feet to go. And I always make sure I don't leave a mess for the next person. :)