08 May 2013

Phone Losing Process

Phone losing process:

  • get frazzled from crazy work problems
  • arrive late to a meeting and think you left your phone on your desk
  • run around putting out fires
  • get back to your desk and realize the phone is not there
  • look everywhere you've been
  • have a coworker call it
  • email coworkers with a link to an iPhone case that your beat-up version once resembled
  • ask at the front desk
  • go home later than usual and sad
  • narrow the loss down to between 3 and 3:30 PM, when you made a bathroom visit
  • text your own phone repeatedly
  • let your husband disable your account
  • have trouble sleeping because you're worried about not having your alarm
  • constantly go to pull out your phone for something and realize it's not there
  • ask again on your way in to work and write down your info, and give the security guard a weird look when he asks you to put down your number . . . you put down your email address
  • use voice.google.com to text your husband and get messages (hallelujah for Google Voice!)
  • put a "lost iPhone" sign with your husband's phone number on the bathroom door
  • corner the janitor and find out that he'd seen it but wasn't sure what to do, so he took a photo of it with his phone . . . not useful
  • shake your head in disbelief and sadness the rest of the day
(Did you notice that? Once again, in this world of darkness, Google is the light. Still <3 br="" google="">

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